Thursday, April 11, 2002

God, I'm lazy.

And frustrated. Last night I wrote a huge blog entry and *poof* -- my computer crashed. So, I'll keep this short and simple.

Real life is hectic. Smallville is still good. Fanfic is still fun. Some folks are still in some sort of contest to be named Most Abrasive Ass Ever. All I'm left wondering is what the trophy looks like. (Maybe a big ass with a Brillo pad sticking out of it?)

Have written a few throwaways, am still working on Liberty Part Ten (no, I haven't forgotten) and have joined CLexslash and have found it a relaxing haven. Have gone back to reading mostly SV fic and there have been some good ones. Today I particularly liked "Roadside Distraction", "Don't Cry" and "Breaking a Fast" -- Chloe/Lana, Lex/puppy, and CLex respectively.

Now, let's see if my computer eats this for breakfast.

Monday, January 28, 2002

Oh, the pain of it.

Finally broke down and took my temperature this morning and it was 101, meaning when I get those hours of chills and sweats at night, it must have been at least 102-103 for the past three days. Hmmm ... it's doctor time, I think. It's either an infected tooth or ear, not sure which since the pain is spread quite evenly over the entire left side of my head and throat. I'll let Dr. Feelgood figure it out tomorrow.

Even more painful are yet MORE horrible Victoria fics in my inbox, all of them misleadingly labeled, all of them disgusting beyond human imagination. Again, I beg of my fellow posters ... just put her name in the fucking summary, okay? Because me NOT reading it so much better than me reading it and holding a reader's grudge forever more. I feel like a bunch of Fanfic Witnesses have their foot in my door, telling me to just give it a chance, because it's da special clever fanfic flavor of the month doncha know? Sorry, but no. I don't care if you're the greatest writer in the realm and your piece rocks the very foundations of the fanfiction world. I'm not interested, so just label the goddamn stuff properly. I'm not saying don't post it ... just LABEL it! Okay?

(Ooops, I see a fellow poster just made the same request on Clark/Lex but much more diplomatically. Heh. I give props to their courage and I will count the seconds before she and her reasonable request gets brutally shot down. One ... two ... three ...)

Anyway, it's back to the grind. I have an afternoon client call I can't avoid. Ugh. Hope they don't mind my shrieks of pain between the mumbles.

Sunday, January 27, 2002


So this is what happens when you forget your user name on your blog. No, not my password, but the actual name itself and since I was depending on a cookie to keep me here forever ... anyway, I found it in my hard drive (finally) and am back. It's just as well, since I havn't really done that much in a while besides the odd posting on Television Without Pity and closing my eyes against the nasty joke that is Kelly Brook. Oy. The casting couch has never been less descriminating, methinks.

Insane Rant of The Day:Speaking of She of the Hair Extensions, we are already getting the gruesome unlabeled Victoria fics coming down the pike. Being a bit flu-ish for the past few days, these really inconsiderate postings increase my pain incrementally. I mean, sure, write Victoria until your fingers fall off, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD warn your readers of what lies within. And yes, that's the bitchy, narrow-viewed, immature, I-don't-give-a-shit-for-fanfic-as-writer's-"art" part of me speaking -- as well as the swollen gland that's right under my jaw causing one eye to throb with intense pain. I mean, I warn my readers that my stuff is vaguely unreadable smush, can't I get an equal sort of consideration? Please? [rant over]

I see below I've talked about LoTR slash. Go here for some good ones: and don't be afraid of the Legolas/Gimli. On the surface it appears grue, but some authors there are making it work, such as Pythoness (try here for "A Diamond Between Wood and Stone" - If you are more into Aragon or Boromir or even Sam/Frodo, you'll enjoy the trip to this place.

I've enjoyed very little off the Clark/Lex list/SSArchive lately, mainly because of the fandom's rapid descent into cliche. I did like a Martha piece, "Awake All Night" which reminded me very much of my mother. Clark confessing his love of Lex to Mom is still a fresh part of fanon unlike the oddly cold smut pieces, which are wearing thin on me, not to mention the horrifying trend toward het inclusions. Some AU fic (like the excellent "The Butterfly Effect") and some warm future fic would be a very welcome change, but I'll probably have to wait until the series actually ends before I see any of that. (Although "A Word from You" by Isos Arie, while not exactly cuddly and warm, had a sad, desperate hope about it.) "Scripted" by Thamiris was extremely funny, as are most of her fics, which brim with a very dry wit and an underlying sweetness. All of them are worth the read.

The show itself on the other hand is EXCELLENT. I'm so looking forward to upcoming eps, especially one where I pray Leather!Lex will make a hip-swinging appearance. I appreciate these producers ... they seem to still like their audience more than their egos. "Smallville" is good stuff, here's hoping The Suits keep their noses out of there for good after the Brook debacle. And Mr. Rosenbaum ... I do -so- love you. Mmmm.

Okay. Back to my humidifier. Maybe I'll even get to writing more some day. Heh.

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Bad blogger!

Okay, maybe I'm not up for this daily sort of sharing. I never could keep diaries as a kid either, not past a week anyway. Remember those little books with the lock? You ended up losing the key, then cutting the strap in half with scissors and then just started doodling and writing travel lists in it? This blog is turning into one of those I think.

I saw The Lord of The Rings again and it was longer the second time around since I knew what was going to happen. The element of surprise is a biggie in this movie and I can see how fans of the books might not be as enthralled with it as I was upon first viewing. Lynne bought me the book as a gift and we are now struggling against getting the entire trilogy. I'm having serious trouble waiting for the next installment, probably along with everyone else.

PS: I just don't have the heart to write Sam/Frodo. It's just too -innocent- a love. Maybe Legolas/someone.

I uploaded two newish stories to the site today. One is pure fluff, the other is not: "Snow, Poets, Rum and Love" and "Seize" Still working on "Liberty" but New Year is my busy season work wise, with corporate tax time just a couple of months away (not to mention payroll round ups) so it'll take a bit.

Re: C/L list reading. There was a lot of stuff I liked, I forgot the names of most of it, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. I like the Martha stories, especially since they have yet to turn her into Margaret Scully from XF. Maybe it's because she actually gets some nookie every now and then (and from a John Schneider look-a-like too. Whoo-hoo!)

Thanks to everyone who's been sending me those supportive emails in regard to my Clark/Lex List moderated status. For your information, I don't think I'm being moderated any longer (although I've gotten no word from the administration that I've been taken off, so it's hard to tell) and all is running smoothly along. I'm relieved that I wasn't put on some sort of eternal probation, although that wouldn't have surprised me, since I'd obviously crossed over some incredibly horrendous line and all with one four-line E-mail. (Wow, I impress myself!)

As for expressing aloud what many of you were thinking that day (thanks for letting me know, guys!) me and my big mouth never could help it. It was achingly obvious that some serious double standards were being displayed: one set for the admin clique and one for friendless cranks like me. I've been deliberately keeping myself out of all C/L cliques, chats and personal relationships on-list with anyone but maybe one or two people. As I told one person who sent me a note of support, I've been there, done that in other fandoms, and have the ulcers to prove it. I feel it's my right NOT to get involved to that level and NOT have to pay some sort of price for my solitude when it comes to sharing my opinion that NO site is worth being abused for, not even one owned by a list admin and that getting slapped for a tit joke while others (initially) get away with brain-curdling flamage is inherently unfair.

As far as I can see, I was punished for embarrassing and angering them, plain and simple. And while that's all good and fine (hey, it's their list, they can do what they like) it's still not good management, it doesn't even make that much sense. I mean, it's not like it was some personal thing on my part, it was just an observation.

Anyway, that's the end of my talk on this subject. It's closed, finito, finished. Thanks again to those many folks who sent me all the love and cyber- nailfiles in cakes to break me out. I appreciate it. *mwah*

Tomorrow I'll get back to recs and go through the things I've missed along the way. Also, we'll talk about Tolkien slash and why Legolas/Gimli isn't -such- a terrible idea. See you then.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

The destruction of the Ring, the Return of the King ...

Saw "Lord of The Rings" yesterday and boy, was I surprised. Let me begin by saying I -hated- "The Hobbit" which was the only book of the universe I started years ago so I never got to any of the others. I knew zero, zip, nada, nilch about the story and I don't know if that helped my opinion, but allow me to say: IT WAS FANTASTIC!

It was one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen and from the audience reaction during the fastest three hours of my life, I wasn't alone. A very cynical New York audience was screaming, clapping and cheering through it, something I haven't heard in a theater in -years.- It actually got a standing ovation at the end and I was right there hooting and yelling with everyone else. Incredible special effects that enhanced the story and the characters, not the other way around. The acting was top shelf and Sam/Frodo are so slashy, it almost made me cry. Orlando Bloom as the Elf representative of the Fellowship was beyond droolworthy. I'm going to see it again this weekend, another first. Wonderful.

Onto Day Two of my stint in Moderation Prison on Clark/Lex. Got an interesting email from a fellow fracas participant who expressed surprise at my moderation since this person felt that they'd had been way more involved than I was and they had not been shipped to Posting Alcatraz, nor even written to. What a surprise ... *cough* Maybe it's the quality of the pissing off, not the quantity.

This list sibling also agreed with me that the appearance of one set of rules for favored members of the list and another set of rules for the non-favored part had been pretty obvious, and extremely annoying, since most of us are certainly not part of the favored -- unless you'd consider moderation a sign of favor, which it might well be. Hey, it's my first one ever... what do I know? Anyway, if you need me I'll be in the yard, bumming cigarettes and making someone my bitch. And if anyone needs a custom license plate ...

Okay. Some recs: "Peaceladen" by JanieG is a very sweet, calm, well, peaceful fic with very nice small touches and interaction between our boyz. Two normal guys sharing an affectionate afternoon. I like that. "Scars" is by Jenn, it has green body paint and is very hot, so go read it if you are in the mood for such a fic. (And who isn't always in a mood for such a fic?)

There are some other interesting, but not very well executed fics on-list, which is okay but makes me a little wistful for "what could have been" if a beta reader/editor got a hold of them. However, I believe beta'ing is a very personal choice so I'm not going to push it, especially since I can't volunteer to be one myself. It's all very good and easy to yell at folks "Get a beta, damn you!" but that's not always so easy especially for those of us who don't have our little email cliques and circle of friends to paw and gush over our work as they correct the run-on sentences. As for assigned betas, they are often either lousy, mean or just downright lazy, so finding one isn't always the easy, simple task many fic critics would like everyone to think it is. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a good beta. A lot.

Well, it's off to work. Remember, when a friend would rather drown then let you leave them, they are more than just your friend. Ah, that Sam ...