Saturday, November 10, 2001

Are we awake yet?

Not my husband anyway, who is still snoring on the couch. Very sleepy day today, kinda cold out, bagels were warm, slashy boy thoughts were drifting through a lazy brain. Mmmm. Of course the frustration of trying to cut this blog page down to size is getting to me but I'll figure it out, eventually. Why?

Cuz I'm such a smarty-pants, that's why.

Read totally gruesome story in the local paper about a resident nearby who came home to find a pair of what he thought was stuffed pants hanging in the middle of his living room from his skylight on Halloween night. He figured it was a prank by his friends until he looked up and saw it was an actual dead body of a burgler who tried to break in his house and the hinged skylight fell on him, breaking his neck and trapping his corpse there for what amounted to the entire day. Wow. Talk about urban legend, but it's in all the papers and truth is stranger than fiction indeed.

Speaking of fiction, just put up Part Five of Liberty (The One In Which Clark Gets Rejected) and am enjoying it immensely (the writing part that is. Reading it kinda makes me wince but no one likes thier own cooking that much.) I have things planned for those very hot young men, oh yes, I do.

New fic-only spinoff list of Clark/Lex which is a good idea. Will be easier to snatch stories off of, the ones that don't get on the Smallville Archive. I hope all the authors use it. Nice little story today called "Cover" with a hot car kiss, which is becoming a beloved bit of fanon in our little Kingdom of Clex. Hey, I'd make out with Clark in the Lexmobile ANY ol' time. Yowsa! Interesting portrayal of Lionel, rather refreshing view of him as Not That Evil, which is good for balance, even though I prefer the Lionel as Satan version for my own stuff. Convenient villians are hard to find and all that, you know.

The laundry pick up is on its way, so maybe I can get some scribbling in before they come. Then it's a full day of sleeping, I think. :::yawning happily::::

Friday, November 09, 2001

Every Friday the same ...

Awoke this morning to a phone call from Lynn telling me I have a panel spot at this years Merchant's Association Meeting. This is a very good thing, of course, I just hope it doesn't dissolve into the parking meter riots of years past. Or the We Need A One-Way street orgy ... or the, heaven forbid, Box Tie-Off Debate.

Better bring a book, just in case.

Am pleased to see that our City Councilman is a warmclosepersonalfriend of our new Mayor. This can only bode well for the district and for us who are warmclosedpersonalfriends with our City Councilman. Hey, he owes me big time for those restuarant arrangements to feed the workers at Ground Zero compliments of his office and I'm expecting a cocktail invitation to Gracie in the mail any day now.

Okay. Maybe a good seat at next year's Wigstock, but that's the very least I'll accept.

More C/Lx fic which is soothing my nerves so nicely these days. "Once & Again" by Molly does what the WB never will but should -- kills Lana Lang dead. Not walking around and talking dead (like she is on the show) but dead-dead, in a coffin and everything. Love you, Molly. Dead!Lana makes my morning. Enjoyed "Stay" by dreamskein. We need much, much more cuddle-smut even of the non-canon variety. It's strange how strictly the writers are sticking to canon in this fandom so far and whiner that I am, I suddenly want Clark/Lex Curtain Fic, where Clark moves into Luthor Manor and starts decorating as Lex looks at adoption agencies.

Yeah, I you screaming "NOOOOOO!" but we fanfic readers always want what we don't have, right? It's our curse.

Seriously though, Clark/Lex in love (not just in hesitant lust) isn't such a bad thing, if everything else with the fic is in place: such as the dialogue, a reasonable explanation of how they got there and the spellchecker has been used. There are writers of serious quality in this fandom -- newbies such as Lori ("Lessons") and Jenn ("Between Spaces" & "Relativity," which is so good it made my eyes water and my head twist with jealousy) and LexLovesClark ("Fathers & Sons" #6 - The One In Which Clark Has Flying Dream Sex) and many, many others. Even the toss-offs are neatly presented which is a rarity and a very pleasant surprise, so gimme some Clark & Lex in love, and let Bo Kent chase poor Lexy with his shotgun.

Fanfic won't forgive us if we don't.

By the way, speaking of all this great fic that's mouldering on the C/L Yahoo!mailing list archive, I'm not beginning the countdown of how long it will take until I crack and start an archive for the fic that's not making it on the Smallville slash archive (which is such a wonderful, easy to read place it kills me stuff isn't getting on there.) I don't want to do it: I don't have the HTML skill, the time or the patience but it really bothers me that other folks aren't getting exposed to this stuff. Maybe I've got some sharing fetish or something but it would be nice to see it all lined up for everyone to see.

I'll probably regret saying this in about a month or so, so we can keep a countdown about that too.

1 ... 2 ... 3 ...

Thursday, November 08, 2001

Mmmm, tasty ...

An amazing amount of good fic on ClarkLex this morning. A humor piece called "Focus" (hysterical), a very hot piece with teasing Lex at a pool table ("Learning Pool") and some good ruminations on Troy toys ("Some Say An Army of Horsemen"). Part Five of "Fathers and Sons" arrived being The One In Which Clark Gets a Makeover and promises of nibbles and licks to come. Guh. Got to beta something super good ... it's a secret but hopefully it'll be out sooooon.

Still disappointed with how little fic is actually getting archived at the Smallville slash archive. The posting interface isn't THAT daunting folks! Use it! This great stuff shouldn't be lost on the Yahoo!Groups crappy archives forever! Especially for those of us who like to re-read their smut consistantly. *hint*

Had a meeting with a client this morning at the ungodly hour of seven am. What's with owners thinking that I might somehow work harder for them while it's still half dark out? Dang, take me to lunch instead when my mind doesn't still have visions of Clarks and Lexes leaping through my head from the night before. Just to punish him, I outlined his scant payroll options in full glorious, gory detail and got to laugh at his green-gilled expression. Move to Mexico, buddy, that's all I can tell you.

Put up a tiny Slut!Lex piece called "Saved by Zero" and was called "sick" by a couple of readers. Ahhhh ... how sweet it is. Hey, it's better than him being a drug dealer or murderer isn't it? I did get some nice notes from other readers who share my sense of the twisted and besides, I can't think of any other way for Lionel to handle such a strange problem. If you can, let me know. Have to decide whether to do actual work today or scribble some "Liberty" -- will figure it out later.

Amazing how other fandoms get crushed beneath a brand new obsession, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Surprise, surprise ...

Mike Bloomberg won and I'm not that surprised. Mark Green was too much of an obnoxious weenie and deserved the fall. Besides, if you're a NY Democrat that can't get Ed Koch's endorsement, there has to be something -seriously- wrong with you. I'm not expecting much from The Billion Dollar Man, with any luck we'll survive the four years until Rudy comes back to save us like a lisping King Arthur. I'm crossing my fingers.

Smallville was on last night and Lex is so hot, I'm thinking about writing to the producers and asking them WHY they aren't just showing him and Clark, leaving that dull as dirt Lana Lang behind. Probably more male viewers dig him than Lana anyway. Michael Rosenbaum is definitely giving us shades of John Malcovich (sp?), and simply put, he's delicious. Brilliant. Will be a movie star someday, I feel it.

The tantalizing peek at Lex's naughty childhood, ala Club Zero, was intriguing and I wrote a short piece about it this morning, sans coffee (yes, I still haven't bought coffee yet. What's WRONG with me?) Put it up on the page and here's hoping I haven't offended everyone with it.

Part Four of "Liberty" is up and I finally got my chance at barnyard humor. Next part should be more angsty, just to keep things level. Read a cute fic by Nix, all about Lex giving Clark waltz lessons and what I wouldn't give to see that on-screen. I sigh to think how that will never happen, even sigh at how little Lex we get. I know it goes a long way, but darnit ... get that awful Lana OFF the screen. Boring can't-save-my-own-dull-ass biatch needs to go and Lex needs to be the planet Clark orbits around, darnit.

Ah, slash hysteria. It's all good.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

All My Civic Duties

Off to vote after my morning tea (note to self: *must* buy more coffee today) and it's either Snow Miser or Bloomberg. They are supposedly tied in the polls, 17% undecided or just apathetic and it's Bloomberg for me. It's not exactly the lesser of two evils, more like the smarter of two weenies, even though I think Bloomberg is in for a shock if he thinks he can manage a city like a company, especially a company he happens to own. He'd do well to take a page out of the book of Robert Moses, New York's late great highway man, and become a sort of Evil Overlord instead of a public servant. Because the only serving Bloomberg knows is when his butler brings him his pate.

I did finish Part Three of "Liberty" yesterday and the writing was very smooth, easy. It still needs some minor editing of stuff I miss even on the hundreth checkover, I'll do that later. Big discussion of Clark and Lex's age difference on the C/Lx List which I'm skipping over. Not because the debates there aren't good or interesting (they are) I've just got my heart set on "Clark is really 17 or 18 because his parents held him back from first grade for a couple of years" mindset and don't want to get thrown out of it. Besides, there has to be *some* reason he's ten feet taller than everyone else in that school.

Part Four of "Fathers & Sons" arrived on list (yay!) and it's almost 12 hours until tonight's "Smallville" (YAY!) Life is improving slightly.

Monday, November 05, 2001

Mondays That Suck ... Today For Instance

This Monday was doomed before it began for a few zillion reasons. I'll just name a few.

1. The Yankees lost and my city, NYC, really, really, REALLY needed them to win. They lost in a truly excrutiating way as well (oh, Mario, Mario, you poor bastard) and I can feel the depression in the air around me as thick as the smoke still wafting over my neighborhood from the World Trade Center site. Yeah, we know it's just a game, but somehow, if we won it would be a sign that things were turning around for us as a city. Now, with elections coming, the future uncertain, the so-called "war" a joke ... we still don't know how our ninth-inning as a city is going to turn out. We just might lose after all. Damn.

2. There's a looming chance that Mark Green might be our next mayor. My best friend has described him the funniest way so far: He's "Snow Miser" from "The Year Without a Christmas." His big head, the weird white hair, the hook nose -- yes, He's Mr. White Christmas, He's Mr. Snow. He's also an egotistical, clueless, leftist whiner. His solution to all problems? Sue 'em! He really needs to tuck his inner weenie back in his pants and for God's sake, is THIS the best the NY Democratic Party can do? No wonder we're rapidly turning into a city of red-eyed conservatives.

3. There's also a looming, but slimmer chance that Mike Bloomberg will be mayor. This doesn't bother as much as Green's ascension to a throne he's so not worthy of, but still, rich hypocrites who view the mayorality as some sort of cap feather for their future episode of "Biography!" scare me too. Altho' I'm old enough to remember Rockefeller, so ... It's Bloomberg for me, even if he's about as Republican as Bella Abzug.

4. The house is getting cold again and I'm too lazy for redoing the insulation. Even the cat is glaring at me from under the comforter and my husband talks gaily about the nice heat in his office. Ugh. Such a pain in the ass, especially miserable this year since I, like everyone else, wants to pretend that the fall never happened. This is going to be a harsh, cruel winter, I think.

On a note of hope, stuff that doesn't suck:

1. Got to read Part Three of "Fathers and Sons" by Lexlovesclark. Great fic, great penname too and it certainly relieves a good deal of stress. There was also a tasty little treat of "Yes" by Caroline Baker featuring fun-loving angsty, Slut!Clark. On FFN, there's a Suicidal!Clark fic, ("Unbreakable") and while not slash, I have to say it's always fun to see how a poor Superboy might try to off himself. Okay, maybe not "fun" -- but you know.

2. Might get to finish Part Three of Liberty today. Got some nice responses, which blow me away, since I figure that people really don't read my web page and this proves me wrong. That's nice.

3. This isn't really "not-sucky" but I wish more people would use the Smallville Slash Archive, especially since their fic is so good, it really deserves the wider audience who use the archive exclusively, not wanting to belong to any list. I know the self-submission form is a little intimidating but it's really worth it. Maybe someone should volunteer to upload the stuff to the form. Maybe it shouldn't be me. Yep, it must not be me. Oh hell, I'll think about it.

4. There *was* enough coffee left in the bottom of the can to make two decent cups. Thank God.

5. Tomorrow is "X-Ray" -- "CLARK!" Ah,Screaming!Lex. Gotta love him.

Here's hoping for a brighter Tuesday.

Sunday, November 04, 2001

Just a note on the 2001 NYC Marathon:

It was a truly dumb idea. I can think of nothing more inviting to terrorists than that event, one that goes up and down all the boroughs, over bridges and is shown on international TV, with thousands upon thousands of potential victims. Not to mention that the helicopters and fighter jets buzzing my house for days on end has gotten rather tiresome. People have been crying in the street, thinking we are under attack again, only to discover that we're just prepping for 30,000 skinny out-of-towners to jog up Fourth Avenue in their underwear.

Screw that. I'm all for living your life and all that crap, but the NYC Marathon has little or nothing to do with New York. It's a rat race of show-offs from Bazooland, or even worse, France. Let them hold it on the Autobahn or somewhere else for a change. As for me, I'm just waiting until I can cross the streets again without looking up, getting ready to duck.

Okay, now I get this blogger thing. Took me a few days to figure it out, genius that I am.

Watched the Yankees last night and winced. Sure, everyone else is allowed to hate the Yankees but I'm a New Yorker see, and I don't get that sort of luxury (even though as a denizen of the outerboroughs I'm allowed the Met Dispensation, but that's another story entirely.) The funny thing? They scored two runs the second I stopped watching. Of course, they were thirteen runs behind at that point ...

I think I won't watch tonight. It can only bring them luck.

Saw "Miss Congeniality" last night while escaping the massacre that was Game Six and damn if it wasn't totally slashy. Maybe my head is a little overboard with slash these days after discovering the Slash Mecca that is Clark and Lex on "Smallville." Mmmm, Clark and Lex, making out, pulling back, making out again. Guh. Drool.

I really love Clark and Lex. Can you feel it?

Sorry. Anyway, Sandra Bullock is now officially a hottie as far as I'm concerned and I was very interested to see what amounted to a flaming Robert Downey Jr. (a very young RDJ) as "Derek" in a bad 80's comedy "Back to School" starring, of all people, Rodney Dangerfield. It was a bit part, he was the best friend of Rodney's kid (who was also as gay as all out) and they needed to make out, really badly. The bad thing about all this unexpected slash from old HBO reruns? Who else would understand such depravity but myself and a few other old ladies who still sit forward in their wheelchairs hoping some special S & H out-take might appear. You know, the one where they kiss, have sex, get married, and live happily ever after.

A long sort of special out-take.

I'm listening to the Austin Powers II soundtrack and will find out more about The Lucy Nation. My nephew was impressed he was able to borrow an Alien Ant Farm CD from me the other day. I'm now officially "Not That Bad." From a fourteen year old this is high praise indeed.