Saturday, November 17, 2001

Early in da mornin'...

Poor husband went into work at 5am today for his test run. He'll be working tomorrow as well and all I can say is -- glad it ain't me sugah! I've been horribly lazy all morning, trolling through MR's web site (ahhhhh) the lists, old emails, joke sites and now must face the fact that I'm a wasted lump. Time to go do something constructive.

Read a very cute shortie last night by Henry James called Spin The Bottle which actually featured, *gasp* a hot Lana/Chloe moment. Who knew? Poor Lex, caught up in children's games waiting for the law to get him. Poor baby.

He needs an old lady to take care of him. An old horny lady. Namely me.

Big complaint today. Nowhere NEAR enough Clex smut. Lots and lots of fluff which is wonderful but I'm running out of things to re-read and bad smut hurts my brain too much to even bother with. I need sweaty hot angsty/happy boys running their tongues all over each other, dangit. And I don't want to write it myself either. Cuz it's too hard. For me anyway. I'm not a natural smut writer, I practically writhe with embarassment while I do it and can't reread the results because I always think it sucks. And not in a good way either.

But alas, I have a bunny. A smutty bunny. Which might fit nicely into the "Night and Day" universe. It has angst, make-up, candles, Metropolis, tongue hockey, smut, angst ... sigh. Guess if you want something done gotta do it yourself. *grin*

Friday, November 16, 2001

Found Michael Rosenbaum's official fan site ...

My geeky fan-girl dom is now complete. Happy squeal of joy.

I have a new niece as of yesterday. Welcome to the world, Julia! She's big and pink and healthy and everyone's doing fine. I visited last night and had the incredible honor of holding and feeding her first evening dinner to her. She's eats well, burps well, is an all around great baby. Her mother had a C-section and unfortunately is flat on her back, but I plan on bringing her some brownies later. Maybe a baked ziti tonight for her husband and other daughter as well. I have a bad idea they'll starve or become pizza-fied without her. I'm all around very happy about this and looking forward to her christening, since I'll be godmother as well. happy sigh

Put up a new short fic yesterday Conversation Piece - The One In Which Lex Discovers Something In His Lake. Nothing like those long, dangling ends of Smallville to play with. The show really is almost as bad as later years X-Files. Didn't have much time to read yesterday, except for a beta version of Lori's new "Lessons" and man, is it good. She's so talented, normally I'd be jealous and have to lock her in a cage, except I want to read MORE. Her Lex is brilliant, torn and twisted with a need-to-know that comesthatclose to destroying him every time. Mmmm.

AngstLex, now that's the stuff.

FanFiction.Net's Smallville section has some exclusive CLex fics of varying quality but they are definitely worth checking out, especially if you've read everything on the list and the archive more times than you dare to admit and hunger for more. Here is the URL: I know that a lot of slashers won't post on FF.N feeling their work shouldn't be exposed to such a young mass audience and while I agree in some ways, I've recently decided that this exposure is good for slash versus otherwise. It educates, it encourages and while you'll always get the odd "ewwwwwww! u r sic!" or whatever, the responses I've received for the most part are intelligent and insightful, even the negative ones. Things are really turning around slashwise on FF.N for the better and the Smallville section is a good example of that. Clex slash fics outnumber the het ones around three to one so far and while some readers are surprised, few are complaining. This is a huge change in attitude and wouldn't have come about if the fics had been posted there in the first place. So, don't be scared. Register and post away.

Besides, the review system makes it very attractive for us feedback whores. Not that I'm a feedback whore.

More like a feedback concubine. Feedback call-girl? No, feedback mole ...

That's all for now. Might scribble some more "Liberty" if I have the time. Brownies come first.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Hard times ...

Talked for a good hour with Lynn last night about the upcoming Merchant's meeting and the state of the local economy. We've got four major closings on the main district (Lechter's, the record shop and two jewelry stores) and she's not sure how many of the smaller shops would last past Christmas. Since this is usually a reflection of the general state of NYC's economy, I'm sad to say that I think we are in deep doo-doo. That crash over Rockaway didn't help either; and if you ask me I think American airlines is hosed. But, we shall wait and see.

For the good news, my sister-in-law went into the hospital last night to have her labor induced and I should have a new neice (and goddaughter!) any hour now. I'm psyched to see her, feels like we've been waiting forever. This is neice number four, plus three nephews and I hope they all like getting socks for Christmas. Cuz that's what they're going to get. *grin*

Read a few fics on ClarkLex, enjoyed In Spades by Sineya. A bit odd, very sexy, sad and lurid. Also got a kick out of The Other Clark by Henry James. There was a much longer story lurking in there somewherre, but drugged, struggling, almost-ravished Lex was too enticing to resist. Hey, I never said my inner drooler didn't have ambigious morals, did I?

Oh, and Yawna is still a nimrod. A grade-a nimrod. And I'm going to slash her with Chloe. Then I'm going to kill her off.

If only reality was so easy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Getting better all the time ...

Good morning this was. Got some sleep (with nightmares, but sleep still) had fun with hubby, and got my Smallville fix -- The One in Which Lex Has A Manservant. How much are the producers giggling behind those sets? Even Yawna is more stupid than threatening and Lex is, well, Lex is just hot. However, if they make the god of my TV dreams kneel to serve the unworthy their tea one more time, I'm going to stage a protest. They should be kneeling to him, hah!

As for the plot, was there one? Dunno. Too busy wondering what Clark would look like while running his tongue over Lex's chest. Pretty good, I think.

Anyway, a big "thank-you" to Lori who cheered me up immensely with previews of "Lessons 3" and another fic that was so hot my blues just melted away. I bow in her general direction, I am not worthy. Now stop reading this and gimme more.

Kudos to Livia who has uploaded all the SV lost fic onto the Smallville Slash archive; she is the Busy Bee of Us. The HTML format is just so much easier and pleasant to read, I'm seeing new things in fics I've already enjoyed. For your reading pleasure, head here and check out the new stuff: The Smallville Slash Archive I particularly recommend jenn's new stuff along with Henry James drabbles. I also liked PepperJack Candy's "Restoration" and "The Kidnapping" (Restoration better because it had this neat twist at the end) I'm not really into Mean!Lex at the moment, even tho' he's more canon oriented. I'm entrenched in my softer Lex mode, especially with "Liberty" which I refuse to apologize for Femme!Lex. Hell, someone had to do it.

If you don't enjoy opera, skip over the next part.

Spent the morning listening to Montserrat Caballe's Puccini Arias, and am trying to figure out what bugs me about her. She's not particularly subtle (although with an instrument of that immense power, it's probably impossible) and while her breath control tricks are impressive her loud fish chokes at the end of them often ruin even as they amaze. Note "In quelle trine morbide" in which one of the most amazing, exquisite renderings of "gaia, isolata, bianca ..." is followed by a very shaky "come un sogno gentile di pace" and then squashed flat by a really gasping "d'amore!" I love this aria and will have to look for another version of hers but I have a feeling it will be the same. Caballe is nothing if not consistant. She does do an utterly hair-raising "Tu, tu, piccolo iddio!" although it's very hard to listen to more than once or twice in a month, but her "Mi chiammano Mimi" is fantastic. Very even, no rough spots and has the cutest "Sono la sua vicina, che la vien fouri d'ora a importunate" I've ever heard. Her "Donde lieta usci" was featured in the film "Philadelphia" and no wonder she was one of *the* famous Mimis, it suits her perfectly.

Maybe I'll pick up a "La Boheme" by her this weekend and see what the rest sounds like. I don't like this opera, don't own a single copy of it, but it does have its good points. Ah, now onto work and the rest of the day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Brand new sleepless nights ...

Got zero rest last night and am too sick and depressed to work today. My husband went in, but he didn't sleep either and we're wondering what's left of our friends to the southeast. If this plane crash was an accident it has to be the cruelest cosmic joke of all time. Rockaway is where many of the firemen/cops/EMS who died in the WTC lived and then a friggen' plane falls on what's left of their families. That's just atrocious.

Heard someone talking today about it was lucky the plane nose-dived. If it had belly landed the entire neighborhood would have been wiped out. It's strange but the residents didn't seem quite that shocked. Many of them said it was an accident they've been waiting for a while now, although many are convinced that it wasn't an accident no matter what CNN insists. (God, I hate CNN. Cold, apologist, rationalizing bastards.) I feel so badly for the people of Rockaway -- if they were depressed before they're going to be crazy now.

I guess all of us are a little crazy now.

I'm not in the mood to talk fanfic. Maybe later.

Monday, November 12, 2001

A plane came down two hours ago, five miles from my house in the Rockaways.

I have friends there. I go there every summer. I'm in complete shock and shaking so badly, I can hardly type.

Please God, let this be an accident.
The sun also rises ...

Veteran's Day, 2001. Strange, everytime I think war is just some faint ugly memory of the past, like corsets and castor oil, here we go again. I've never understood the phrase "necessary evil" (how can any evil be necessary?) but history has a way of creating a brand-new lunatic to throw at ordinary people who just want to live their lives and we have to dust off the guns and take the bad guys out ... again. I'm from a military family, I lost an uncle in WWII and two in Korea, my father saw service for thirty years and none of us could stand the thought of going to battle again. My mother, who lived on the losing side of WWII in an Axis country as teenager, knew the horrors of homeland war in a way few of us ever will (or didn't until the WTC massacre, I guess) and may God forgive me for saying this, I'm glad she's no longer around to have to live through this nightmare, especially with us in NYC. She'd have been absolutely devastated all around -- at the terrifying memories invoked and the knowledge that her children would probably have to suffer the way she did so many years before: living in a war zone, where everyday living becomes becomes a game of "Do I Live or Die Today?"

It's a sad day when you can say you're thankful your parents are dead.

So here's to all veterans, may God grant them peace. Here's to all the active US military as well, may God grant them safety.

Now, onto much better things. CLEX! I'm not sure whether to send the WB flowers for giving me such a distraction or virtual-smack them for not giving me the Clark/Lex interaction I crave. I know that isn't their intent but it's just SO GOOD! At least more Lex ...

Anyway, run, do not walk, to read: Lessons In Cruelty by Lori. It's a beautiful fic, so well done, so gorgeously written you can't miss it. And it leaves off in a totally intriguing place, where a set-up for INTENSE Clex action is almost guaranteed. Read, weep, and send lots of feedback because I NEED "Lessons 3" NOW. Okay?

As for humor, there's a hilarious "future-Lex" fic by Jenn & Beth World Domination and Caramel The One in Which Evil Lex Gets His Delicious ClarkBar Comeuppance. Yes, he does need a vacation from evil and I'm so glad Clark still loves him with all his heart ... and other places as well. Thanks to both writers for it.

Now, off to shop and hopefully, scribble some Clexy stuff of my own.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Rest ye merry my friends ...

And welcome to the Kingdom of Clex. Where upon yonder hill sits the vasty hall of the Dark Lord Luthor, who waits in lust for the innocent White Knight Kent, while Princess Pom-Pom whispers her last gasp (or, even better, takes a long trip to Gotham and marries the Penguin so they can hatch a whole brood of kids with speech impediments.) Behold the beauty of Clex, aflame with a love that will not be denied, not even by Jonathan, Duke of Hazzard.

It's a merry land, filled with scribes and jesters alike, such as dreamskein who wrote an amusing tale just for myself, filled with laughter, light and the Duke checking out Whitney's ass (which interested me more than I cared to admit.) The link is here, if you are a resident of Clex, click and behold its wondrous wit: Tis called "Look! Up In The Sky!" Read, gufaw, send feedback. Tis all a glorious thing!

But lo, there is also darkness in the land, such as Serafina's "Pain" ( in which our Dark Lord Luthor realizes that Clark looks pretty damn cute all bathed in tears. Ah yes, he truly is the Boss of Us.

Now, I'm off to market, where I shall mingle with the crowds in the square and hear the day's gossip. Farewell until we meet again!