Monday, November 19, 2001

Tonight, tonight ...

Merchant's Association panel is tonight. Yeep! I'm nervous but I'm pretty sure I'm prepared enough. The talks are going to be very heavy this year, Lynn confirmed it last night. Our shopping district is in serious trouble with the small/mid-sized convenience store practically extinct, leaving a wide gap between the specialty shops and the chains. I'm really afraid the specialties will go under leaving nothing but the chains and that'll ruin the entire neighborhood. The local fast foodie is getting a drive thu (on the absolute MOST congested corner, of course) and I'm going to talk to Martin tonight about it. We have to pick our battles carefully these days, I think. Also, the aid package to downtown is wavering and while that doesn't concern us directly, I think we have to take a step forward and support those lobbyists for the general good. Oy. Wish me luck.

Also have a lot to do today in preparation for Thanksgiving (which isn't at my house this year, thank God.) The busy season is starting and hopefully I'll get it all together at once, not in drips and drabbles like the previous years. Organization has not been my thing for a while now.

Still have a massive Clex bunny that's biting my ankles brutally and I've either got to ignore it or let it brew. Got to finish Liberty first. Was alternately amused and horrified to see that a poster mentioned Smallville slash on Michael Rosenbaum's official message board. Geez, when are some people going to learn that not everyone is a slash fan? Sure, we have our own isolated, happy community, but we always have to remember that the general population is 99.9% mundanes and would gape in confusion and distress at the mere notion of slash -- altho' I'm sure Michael has a good sense of humor and obviously isn't homophobic in the least, but still ... he and Warner Bros. might be very uncomfortable with the notion of on-line Clark/Lex smut, you just never know. This reminds of all those stories of people actually GIVING their slash fic to actors at conventions and whatnot and acting surprised when said actors flipped out completely. I mean, DUH! Hellloooooo! Let's keep a bit of sensible discretion going, peeps. (Before Warner Bros and Geocities spank me silly, at least. *grin*)

Anyway, off to do the work I should have done this weekend.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

The hair o'the dog ...

Am extremely hung over from a good chug of wine last night, sans dinner. Ugh. Remind me not to do that again for another couple of years. Even the cat's meows are too loud. Ugh.

Was so lazy yesterday, I'm ashamed. No work, no chores, no writing .... just spent the day on-line trolling for slash smut. I went to Azkaban's Lair for some "Harry Potter" Remus/Sirius smut and it was good. Built-in angst, true love, werewolves, tea and sympathy ... just what I like. I don't like any other pairings in this universe (the thought of Harry Potter having sex at any age makes my brain bleed) but this definitely works for me.

A note on Fanfiction.Net: A very good Clex writer, Serena, got a horrendous flame for her work "Obscurity" yesterday and thus I'm retracting my recommendation for any other Clex slashers to post there. It was just an evil flame, so full of hatred it twisted me into knots and I thought I'd heard them all. Shameful, and it's always sad to be reminded that for every 1,000,000 good people in this world all it takes is one nasty jerk to ruin it for everyone else. It's not worth the grief I think, even tho' if we do stop posting there, this jerk will get precisely what he wanted. *sigh* Somedays you just can't win.

Found the EW article on "Smallville" replete with potentially depressing spoilers and one FINE picture of Tom Welling. (I'm pretending it's Clark so I can drool freely and not feel too dumb.) I'm glad the show is getting the recognition it needs just wish Michael Rosenbaum was mentioned more. Speaking of Michael, he did a great job as The Flash on "Justice League" but last night was my first and last viewing of it. Seeing Metropolis blow up was not for me.