Saturday, December 01, 2001

Spent ...

... the evening listening to Barber's "Adagio for Strings."

Am in awe that any human being could write a piece of music so terrifyingly sad.

How horrific. How very, very beautiful.

Rant ahead ...

Incoherent ranting that is. Hey, I'm on medication, all right? Anyway, here it is.

I've been reading fanfiction for close to twelve years. That's pre-Internet, all the way back to 'zines. I'm a hopeless fan-girl, always have been and like it that way. Now I've never had the same issues with 'zine fic that Internet fanfic seems to inspire, especially in regard to quality and presentation. 'Zines are edited (well, hopefully they are) polished, slaved over by obsessive people, etc. and you will rarely find too many huge glaring errors, in spelling, grammar, formatting etc. This doesn't cover content quality because I've read some serious stinkers in 'zines -- ones that I've actually ripped out of the binding and thrown in the trash lest my eyes be seared by their Overwhelming Badness ever again. (Yes Virginia, a well-edited, perfectly grammatical story can suck. It's true.)

Internet fanfiction is a different barrel of fish entirely. There is no mandatory editing, there's no required labeling, there's often no rhyme or reason to anything and once you get past the word "FIC" in the subject line, honey, you are on your own. Typos leap out of the bar doors, shooting wildly ... POVs jump around like Mexican beans in the sun ... rape fics come up behind you and hit you like the 1:13 from Memphis ... men apply garish make-up and get pregnant in the general store. It's often not a pretty sight and part of me doesn't blame people for railing against these crimes against their eyes, minds and stomachs. I can understand the emotion behind angry crits, bad-fiction sites and the like. I really can.

But none of these things will change the basic fact of Internet fanfic -- it's a writer's world, not a reader's.

Unlike 'zines, which you pay for and are allowed a certain amount of expectation, Internet fan-fiction comes with no guarantees, no rules, no respect. It's an ever-renewing pile of dung in which you must dig deeply for the oft-hidden jewels and if this tires or upsets you at any point, then your fanfic reading days in that fandom are probably coming to their natural end.

We all know about the happy, mindless devouring we do when a new fandom is discovered and many of us also know how bitter and weird we get by the time we burn out on one too many "Marty-Sue and His Amazing Threesome Experience With The Boyz" fics. When we reach that point, it's time to rely on rec-pages, word-of-mouth and the authors you've learned to trust and leave the angry crit lists/badfic sites alone.

So-called "badfic" will never be stopped without list moderation or mandatory editing and frankly, I believe its pointless to try. Most of it's posted by newbies, children, non-native speakers of English and a stubborn few who know no shame and besides, they have a lot of readers (mostly newbies, children and non-native speakers) who like them and their rancid fic a lot, thankyouverymuch. It's the very way internet fanfic is set up that makes it so, and to try and change it through intimidation is to miss the point completely.

Of course, if you just like to bitch and moan, hey, that's cool. I do it myself. A lot.

So, I guess my point is this: sit back, open your mail, enjoy what's offered if you can and feel very lucky if you do. I'm in a fandom right now that's churning out a shocking amount of quality fic but I know that's not going to last very long. In fact, when the inevitable flood of crap comes, it's going to look all that much worse since the stuff that came before it was so good. That's why I'm investing in my nose clips now and not a domain called ""

Because the best offense, in Internet fanfic, is a good defense, always. Peace.

Friday, November 30, 2001

The Art of Dying ...

George Harrison's death saddens me in many ways, not the least being the fact that it doesn't sadden or shock me anywhere near as much as it would have prior to September 11th. Compared to what happened just a few miles from my house, on that terrible day when I witnessed with my own eyes the death of 5,000 people in the span of an hour, I can safely say that it's sad that George is gone but, ah well, so goes life. And death.

Besides, he was so terribly sick. I'm glad he's in God's hands now.

And I'm a huge Beatle fan too. Remember when John got shot and I joined the vigil in front of the Dakota some seven hours later. There was still blood and bullet holes there ... it was gross. And sad.

Eh. Anyway, I put a new chapter of "Liberty" up last night. Click here if interested: LIBERTY CHAPTER EIGHT and I'm off to recover from my cold. And my sadness. Blech.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

*cough* *cough*

Tip of the day: Don't kiss babies with runny noses no matter how cute they are. Because, guess what? That means they are SICK. And you know what else that means? It means that a week later you will be like me, hacking, coughing and sneezing like a dope who smooches and cuddles sick babies. Pass the aspirin, my head hurts.

Luckily there's some nice Clex fic to tide me over. Jenn has two new ones out "Shift" and another with a long title my disease-fogged brain can't conjure up right now, sorry Jenn. Both are excellent. I liked "Shift" better because it had making-out in it. Yeah, I'm shallow ... sue me. Te has a new "Project" out and it was better than whiskey in my hot water (and that's pretty damned good.) I got a kick out of Caroline's "Coatroom" which creates a nifty, nasty little scene for Young Lex hiding out during Luthor Christmas parties. Told her the two gentlemen with Lex reminded me of Mssrs. Pike and Pluck from "Nicholas Nickelby" by Dickens except I think P&P were gayer. Hey, Dickens knew the score.

I joined the BatmanBeyond slash list and am happy that some Terry/Bruce might be coming my way. It's a very difficult slash (Bruce is like 70, Terry is 18) but the UST is there. There has to be some way to exploit this darnit and besides, I never could turn down a challenge.

I'll see if I'm up to writing today, but I don't know. My head sure do hurt. Ugh.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

It's been a while ...

Yes, I know. I haven't posted in a week or more but between the holiday and helping take care of my new neice (her mother's C-section was badly done) I've been bush-wacked. Things haven't been that good, the Merchant's Meeting was grim and I have a very bad feeling for the upcoming year on the economic front. Half the middle-market stores are going to close by spring next year just as I'd feared. Even a few of the chains are going down and that sucks.

Also, my anemia is back with a vengence and I'm on the iron dosages full time again. I had no idea what it was until my husband woke me up at least three times on Thanksgiving, where I was falling asleep practically in the middle of conversations. Dragged myself around pathetically until I finally went to the doctor. As expected, my red cell count was waaaaaaay off and it's back to the stomach churning little red pills. Blech. But admittedly, after three days on the regime I'm already feeling better. The wonder of taking care of yourself.

Anyway, I've still been doing a lot of reading, and a little writing. I've developed a soft spot for Baby Clark stories and since I couldn't find any, I wrote one. Click here for it, if you are so inclinced: The Finder's Keepers I've been wondering how Jon and Martha actually got to keep their foundling and hopefully this explains a little of it. Would that it were true on screen. Heh, heh. There's lots of good stuff on The Smallville Slash Archive Try "Reveal" by LaT for an incredibly brave fic starring Spying!Lionel and In-Love!Clex. There's a new Te fic "Benediction" and while I'm no fan of Make-Up Slash (*huge shudder*) this is so well done I can pretend there's no eyeshadow around. Besides, it's hot. Very hot. There's also "Corner of the World 4" which has some sweet smut and "All Human Things" and "Falling" both of which I enjoyed.

Am also enjoying on Fanfiction.Net this fic: Absolution even if it is a little overwrought. Hey, I'm a melodama fan and this is very well-written anyway. Might not be everyone's style but the folks there are enjoying it, which is good, since there's some nasty anti-Clex backlash thing going on there that's pissing me off. Pissing me off to the point of snarking at someone's anti-slash summary, which they apologized for and changed. Of course then I felt guilty but, oh well ... blame it on my thinning blood.

The show is as enjoyable as ever. As slashy as ever, although it's starting to fall into a serious XF-rip-off rut. Even Lex seems to be spouting the same old/same old lines six episodes into it and that's not a good thing. He needs some challenges. Would hate to see Rosenbaum get bored, he's too intelligent not be challenged at every turn.

Well, that's enough for now. Hopefully I'll be up and running in all things in no time.