Friday, December 07, 2001

Am suffering ...

From a case of PMS that would destroy the world faster than Lex's Glove of Death. DIE SUNSHINE, DIE!

From my previous journal entries it appears to have been around for a few days now and I just didn't notice. Although I really *do* hate Oprah. She squicks me beyond squick. Blech.

Speaking of squicks, incest fic definitely isn't one of mine, so if you are like minded go read "See This" by te on the archive. There's also a Chloe/Lana fic that was good all the way through, called "Cocoa" although you'd think you'd have to be the fucking Steinbeck of Fanfic before you dare to post, the way some people snark. The usual post-honeymoon, "I Want to Shock and Be Different" rash of depression, death, rejection and "other" pairing fics are coming in droves, most of them sans summary and detailed warnings. (Note: Coyness is not a warning.) Whatever. My delete button was getting dusty anyway.

Can't wait till the rapes and disciplines come sloshing down the pike like so much Level 3 fertilizer. I'm glad that Clark's bottom is impervious to spanking and Lex would just look stupid over Clark's knee. That makes me very happy indeed.

Now that I've been a total bitch, it's good to note that L saw the Clex. She's never seen slash anywhere and it hit her like a ton of bricks. Then again ... she did have a fever. Heh.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

I wonder ... I wonder ...

I wonder what makes Oprah Winfrey so utterly hateful in my eyes.

Could it be her hollow, obvious Auntie Tomisina'ism and weird uber-ethnic put on? (Oh, you GO GIRL! GO SISTA! THAT BE WHACK! WHAT BE UP WID 'DAT?) Perhaps her fake reliance on a sooo-much-smarter male, who isn't really much smarter at all -- who is, in a sane world, a shallow, feel-good, jingoistic, laugh-up-my-sleeve asshole ... a.k.a. Dr. Phil? Could it be those giggling, screeching, self-involved, self-satisified women in her audience who shame me into wishing I was Joe Dirt, mullet and all? Could it be the zillions of dollars she refuses to do a damn useful thing with in communities that really friggen need it? Hey, Opry! I heard y'all were cheap and all 'dis shit, but y'all are so-pooosed to prove me wrong and all 'dat. Why, girrrrrl -- 'dat be WHACK!

Lord, let me find my bliss. Let Oprah be canceled before I die. Please.

Not much else to say other than that except that I still love "Thin Line." Am trying to write a gift in that universe for the author and it's harder than I thought. Although the thought of Lex wondering about Clark and his dad is a very indulgent idea. Rowr,

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Things I love ...

A mass slapdown of people who are contrary for the hell of it. Slap. Slap. Slap.

Withholding praise from those who think they really, really, really deserve it, but don't. The stunned, petulant look on their faces is so worth it.

"Princess Bride" slash. Any flavor.

Incest slash. Lex/Lionel, Edmund/Richard, Edmund/Dimitri (how many slashy brothers are named Edmund anyway?)

How well I can predict the effects of a midnight IRC chat on a list the next morning. See the sudden flood of complaints about ellipses? Hello IRC whine! See the mass of effusive praise for an overblown epic posted two weeks previously to no special acclaim? Hello IRC whine! See the odd defense of a character that no one liked the day before? HELLO IRC WHINE! Mob mentality at its finest.

My husband calling me "Mrs. Lady." I think it's just the way he says it. "Mrs. Layyydeeee ..."

Michael Rosenbaum's web site. He posted a letter on his message board. He's a sexy, sexy man.

The fact that Lori got her computer up and running. Thank Clex!

"Hothead" repeats. Can get that fencing match on tape now. Mmmm.

Monday, December 03, 2001

Nothing sucks the fun out of fandom ...

... like other fans. 'Nuff said.

Just saw "IT" on Good Morning America, the new top-secret, much-hyped invention by some nut who's decided that what America needs is yet one more way to avoid exercise of ANY type, even walking to the corner. Hope they make those goofy-ass scooters in sizes XXXX-Large. BTW, God made an invention that is just as amazing as "IT" many years ago.

They're called "feet."

Pretty spectacular, huh?

Read Part Two of "Thin Line" by dreamskein over and over today and am feeling very happily depraved. Lex/Lionel is soooo wrong ... and SOOOO hot. *shiver* Yow. "The Road Home" by Merry Lynne had a fine combination of hot schmoop and killer cows so I couldn't resist. It's a nice read, I recommend it. "Jailbait" by JediNic on the archive was lovely too except for the cliffhanger ending. Gargh!

Well, it's off to do some walking to work. Poor me -- I'm "IT"-less.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Totally ...

... hung over with a baby shower to attend at one. Someone, shoot me.

Just read a really irritating post on the C/L list, so irritating I'm not even going to go into it here because I really don't want this braindead, self-important BEEYOTCH on my case. All I can say is read my rant below and get over yourself, lady. Sheesh.

Talk about pissing on the parade.

Okay, it's coffee time. Argh.