Thursday, December 27, 2001

The destruction of the Ring, the Return of the King ...

Saw "Lord of The Rings" yesterday and boy, was I surprised. Let me begin by saying I -hated- "The Hobbit" which was the only book of the universe I started years ago so I never got to any of the others. I knew zero, zip, nada, nilch about the story and I don't know if that helped my opinion, but allow me to say: IT WAS FANTASTIC!

It was one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen and from the audience reaction during the fastest three hours of my life, I wasn't alone. A very cynical New York audience was screaming, clapping and cheering through it, something I haven't heard in a theater in -years.- It actually got a standing ovation at the end and I was right there hooting and yelling with everyone else. Incredible special effects that enhanced the story and the characters, not the other way around. The acting was top shelf and Sam/Frodo are so slashy, it almost made me cry. Orlando Bloom as the Elf representative of the Fellowship was beyond droolworthy. I'm going to see it again this weekend, another first. Wonderful.

Onto Day Two of my stint in Moderation Prison on Clark/Lex. Got an interesting email from a fellow fracas participant who expressed surprise at my moderation since this person felt that they'd had been way more involved than I was and they had not been shipped to Posting Alcatraz, nor even written to. What a surprise ... *cough* Maybe it's the quality of the pissing off, not the quantity.

This list sibling also agreed with me that the appearance of one set of rules for favored members of the list and another set of rules for the non-favored part had been pretty obvious, and extremely annoying, since most of us are certainly not part of the favored -- unless you'd consider moderation a sign of favor, which it might well be. Hey, it's my first one ever... what do I know? Anyway, if you need me I'll be in the yard, bumming cigarettes and making someone my bitch. And if anyone needs a custom license plate ...

Okay. Some recs: "Peaceladen" by JanieG is a very sweet, calm, well, peaceful fic with very nice small touches and interaction between our boyz. Two normal guys sharing an affectionate afternoon. I like that. "Scars" is by Jenn, it has green body paint and is very hot, so go read it if you are in the mood for such a fic. (And who isn't always in a mood for such a fic?)

There are some other interesting, but not very well executed fics on-list, which is okay but makes me a little wistful for "what could have been" if a beta reader/editor got a hold of them. However, I believe beta'ing is a very personal choice so I'm not going to push it, especially since I can't volunteer to be one myself. It's all very good and easy to yell at folks "Get a beta, damn you!" but that's not always so easy especially for those of us who don't have our little email cliques and circle of friends to paw and gush over our work as they correct the run-on sentences. As for assigned betas, they are often either lousy, mean or just downright lazy, so finding one isn't always the easy, simple task many fic critics would like everyone to think it is. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a good beta. A lot.

Well, it's off to work. Remember, when a friend would rather drown then let you leave them, they are more than just your friend. Ah, that Sam ...

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Isn't that special?

Yes, I know it's been a very long time but between the holidays and baby-sitting I've been very busy indeed and blogs just go by the wayside. Real life is improving very much, my husband and I just discovered the perfect house in Ireland to rent for next summer. It's on the cliffs, five bedrooms, ocean view and if it's really nice we might just buy the thing outright. He has his Irish citizenship so it probably won't be too much of a hassle. (Besides, having a residence in Europe would open up a lot more possibilities on many fronts.) Everyone is healthy and I think I'm going to check out Lord of The Rings today at lunch. I'll give it my review tomorrow.

As for the Clark/Lex list, well, I've finally "made it" and been put on moderated status for two weeks by the administration after I mentioned startling inconsistencies in their management choices on-list. Fortunately it seems like the "Our Friends Are Right Even When They Aren't and The Rest of You Just Better Shut Up" policy is too difficult for even the most stubborn hearts to maintain as noted by a grudging next-day recant. Been there, done that with my own lists and frankly, if you don't lose two or three friends along the way as you run the stupid thing, you aren't doing your job. I hold no grudges against the admins -- they're the ones who have to deal with screaming whackos on one side and 600 pissed off people on the other, not me. Besides, look at this nice new tin cup I have to bang against my cell bars. If my behavior is good, I might get a harmonica for Week Two, you never know.

I will say that if a mere web site inspires such insanity I think it should be taken down before it drives more people to the brink of madness. I'm sure we can all live without it. I know I can.

As for the fics in this fandom, they are going through their Smug Phase right now, desperately trying to outdo each other in cleverness and self-conscious wit. Good stories, simply told are not 'in' at the moment except for a few authors who can be counted on for doing it right. Let's hope they all haven't been scared away by the latest round of silliness. I'll gather up some recs tomorrow and share. Jenn has some nice new smut today ... "Scars" I think? I'll see if I can feedback her on-list. It'll be fun to see who my fellow prisoners in Moderation Limbo are since we'll all be forwarded together no doubt. How many bets that I'm the only one? Gosh, I feel so speecciiiaalll ...