Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Bad blogger!

Okay, maybe I'm not up for this daily sort of sharing. I never could keep diaries as a kid either, not past a week anyway. Remember those little books with the lock? You ended up losing the key, then cutting the strap in half with scissors and then just started doodling and writing travel lists in it? This blog is turning into one of those I think.

I saw The Lord of The Rings again and it was longer the second time around since I knew what was going to happen. The element of surprise is a biggie in this movie and I can see how fans of the books might not be as enthralled with it as I was upon first viewing. Lynne bought me the book as a gift and we are now struggling against getting the entire trilogy. I'm having serious trouble waiting for the next installment, probably along with everyone else.

PS: I just don't have the heart to write Sam/Frodo. It's just too -innocent- a love. Maybe Legolas/someone.

I uploaded two newish stories to the site today. One is pure fluff, the other is not: "Snow, Poets, Rum and Love" and "Seize" Still working on "Liberty" but New Year is my busy season work wise, with corporate tax time just a couple of months away (not to mention payroll round ups) so it'll take a bit.

Re: C/L list reading. There was a lot of stuff I liked, I forgot the names of most of it, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. I like the Martha stories, especially since they have yet to turn her into Margaret Scully from XF. Maybe it's because she actually gets some nookie every now and then (and from a John Schneider look-a-like too. Whoo-hoo!)

Thanks to everyone who's been sending me those supportive emails in regard to my Clark/Lex List moderated status. For your information, I don't think I'm being moderated any longer (although I've gotten no word from the administration that I've been taken off, so it's hard to tell) and all is running smoothly along. I'm relieved that I wasn't put on some sort of eternal probation, although that wouldn't have surprised me, since I'd obviously crossed over some incredibly horrendous line and all with one four-line E-mail. (Wow, I impress myself!)

As for expressing aloud what many of you were thinking that day (thanks for letting me know, guys!) me and my big mouth never could help it. It was achingly obvious that some serious double standards were being displayed: one set for the admin clique and one for friendless cranks like me. I've been deliberately keeping myself out of all C/L cliques, chats and personal relationships on-list with anyone but maybe one or two people. As I told one person who sent me a note of support, I've been there, done that in other fandoms, and have the ulcers to prove it. I feel it's my right NOT to get involved to that level and NOT have to pay some sort of price for my solitude when it comes to sharing my opinion that NO site is worth being abused for, not even one owned by a list admin and that getting slapped for a tit joke while others (initially) get away with brain-curdling flamage is inherently unfair.

As far as I can see, I was punished for embarrassing and angering them, plain and simple. And while that's all good and fine (hey, it's their list, they can do what they like) it's still not good management, it doesn't even make that much sense. I mean, it's not like it was some personal thing on my part, it was just an observation.

Anyway, that's the end of my talk on this subject. It's closed, finito, finished. Thanks again to those many folks who sent me all the love and cyber- nailfiles in cakes to break me out. I appreciate it. *mwah*

Tomorrow I'll get back to recs and go through the things I've missed along the way. Also, we'll talk about Tolkien slash and why Legolas/Gimli isn't -such- a terrible idea. See you then.