Thursday, April 11, 2002

God, I'm lazy.

And frustrated. Last night I wrote a huge blog entry and *poof* -- my computer crashed. So, I'll keep this short and simple.

Real life is hectic. Smallville is still good. Fanfic is still fun. Some folks are still in some sort of contest to be named Most Abrasive Ass Ever. All I'm left wondering is what the trophy looks like. (Maybe a big ass with a Brillo pad sticking out of it?)

Have written a few throwaways, am still working on Liberty Part Ten (no, I haven't forgotten) and have joined CLexslash and have found it a relaxing haven. Have gone back to reading mostly SV fic and there have been some good ones. Today I particularly liked "Roadside Distraction", "Don't Cry" and "Breaking a Fast" -- Chloe/Lana, Lex/puppy, and CLex respectively.

Now, let's see if my computer eats this for breakfast.